About me :)

Hi there!

Are you looking for easy recipes, parenting hacks, home organization ideas, or just some inspirational thoughts for your tired mom soul? Are you a busy, busy mom with no time for anything? Then you are at the right place, with the right person.

Hi and welcome to the life of a superwoman. Yes, that’s what I call myself, and it makes me feel supercharged and energetic, ready for anything and everything.

My name is Leeba and I am a busy working mother, juggling two cute brats, an adorable husband, home, kitchen, job as a dentist, hobbies like reading, cooking, blogging, movies, travelling…. umm well, the list goes on.

I love reading and writing. With so much to do, my desire for doing something creative had always been on the backburner. I have finally decided to take the plunge and start this little blog of mine, because we only live once!

I am SO glad that you are here. This little blog of mine aims to make life easier for super-women like you and me (it never really gets easier, sigh!) with tips and tricks for daily life, baby and home management, easy, tasty and kid friendly recipes, and much more. I share my superwoman life here, and hope to add colour and zeal into the lives of all women like me out there.

Do visit often, because I plan to write a lot, and you don’t want to miss any of content, right? You can also leave a comment if you like, and subscribe to my email list, so that you receive a notification every time I post something here.

I hope you have a great time time with me, I do enjoy some company!